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Northampton Property Division Lawyer

The division of property during the divorce process is often a source of great conflict between spouses. Not only are there disagreements as to who gets what, but also what constitutes marital property and what is separate. Unfortunately, without the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer, you risk making ill-advised decisions that can irrevocably impact your property rights.

Division Of Assets During A Massachusetts Divorce

Under Massachusetts law, marital property is subject to an equitable distribution in the event of a divorce. In this context, equitable means fair, but not necessarily equal. A judge will look at 17 different factors when determining how to divide your property, including but not limited to:

  • Length of marriage
  • Conduct of parties during the marriage
  • Age of spouses
  • Income and ability to earn income of both spouses

Protecting Your Property Rights

At Sean T. Sullivan, Attorney at Law, we place a special emphasis on divorce matters, including issues surrounding property division. As your legal representative we will help you accurately assess the value of your marital property and financial accounts. We will then provide dedicated advocacy to help you achieve your legal goals surrounding your homestead, retirement accounts, debts and liabilities, and if necessary — company assets.

When disputes arise surrounding the classification of large gifts or inheritances, our law firm can help protect and promote your position.

Amherst Pension Division Attorney

When faced with a complex legal issue, our law firm can help you understand your options, provide aggressive advocacy and offer supportive service. Contact us at 413-341-1517 to speak with a Northampton property division attorney.

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